An alternative to Ares that tries to respect copyrights

June 24, 2009
7 / 10

Morpheus P2P has plenty of experience in P2P downloads that, even though it hasn't been updated for years, still attracts a good amount of users. The reason for the interest that it still arouses is very simple. On one side it connects to the famous Gnutella network and to its own private network created by its developers, Neonet, that presents a working method that is very similar to that of Napster or Kazaa.

P2P downloads without infringing any copyrights

On the other hand, the program prioritizes the download of contents without copyright conflicts, which makes it relatively safe to use for the users that live in countries where sharing protected files are persecuted in comparison with other similar applications like eMule or Ares. This doesn't mean that all the files that we are going to be able to download by means of Morpheus P2P are free.

As a download application, Morpheus P2P manages a good download speed and it has a good information and statistics area. Its aspect is rather neat and it has a powerful multimedia player with which we'll be able to view the files that we download.

Morpheus P2P was born destined to become an alternative to the famous and multi-downloaded Ares, but even though it still arises certain interest, the preference of the majority of users for downloads without restriction has limited its growth.

Leticia Sorivella

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Antony Peel

Antony Peel